Our Staff

David Dalton is lead engineer here at Ibis International. He has over 10+ years of experience with Ibis systems and takes great pride in getting down to the bottom of an issue and calculating the exact system that you need for your application within your plant. He oversees a team of 3 additional employees within the engineering department who work together to constantly improve the Ibis design and manufacture of our systems. He and his team are always available to discuss any issues that you may encounter within your application.

Jared Powell is the lead electrical engineer at Ibis International. He comes to Ibis as a graduate of the University of Alabama. Despite his short time within the Ibis organization, he has proven his dedication in learning our electrical panels, and the safety concerns needed for our customers. He has become an great asset to Ibis in this particular department.

The Ibis Purchasing Department is handled by Mary Maddox and assisted by Christy Miller. Both ladies are here to assist you with any spare parts that you may need for your system or other systems that you may have within your plant.

Dewayne Roberts, Ibis’ Operations Manager. Dewayne has been with Ibis for about 10 years and takes pride in making sure that when a system leaves the Ibis dock it is packaged securely and all parts have been accounted for to make installation easy. Dewayne oversees our shipping and receiving department as well. When it comes to your system leaving from Ibis, he is the person you want to speak to.

Our accounting department is handled by Shannon Burke. Shannon at one time was an consultant for Ibis for many years while owning her own business. In 2020 she decided to enter back into the public workforce and has since been a great help to the Ibis organization. Any issues with your account, feel free to call and discuss with her.

The Ibis sales team is made up of several people that assist when a customer needs air filtration equipment. The head of this team is Steve Southern. Steve has many years in this field and greatly enjoys the challenges that are sometime presented in getting the right system fitted for your application. He has had extensive travel and been honored to visit many of your sites, and form professional relationships with many of our customers. His knowledge and onsite experience are what makes him the “go to” salesman in Ibis. If you need a system, Steve is truly the person that you need to speak to – it’s sure to be a WIN for you when it comes to his knowledge.

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